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February IDA Board Meeting Agenda


FY2020 IDA Adopted Budget

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FY2018 IDA Audit Report

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IDA Reserve Study

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Board Members

Thomas C. Green, Chairman

Tom Green is the CDD2 representative to the IDA.
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Nancy R. Johnson, Vice-Chair

Nancy Johnson is the CDD4 representative to the IDA.
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Alan G. Silverglat, Treasurer

Alan Silverglat is the CDD5 representative to the IDA.
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Robert T. Swiatek

Robert Swiatek is the CDD1 representative to the IDA.
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Henry H. Hofeler, Asst. Secretary

Hank Hofeler is the CDD6 representative to the IDA.
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Inter-District Authority Asset List

IDA Asset List



General and Procedural Rules of the Inter-District Authority

The IDA and each of the Community Development District have adopted Rules to set forth the General and Procedural activities of each of the entities.  These rules establish the procedures for handling administrative processes such as advertising the various types of meetings and for the procurement processes.  The IDA adopted Rule 08-03.

Creation of the Lakewood Ranch Inter-District Authority (IDA)

In October 2002, all of the Community Development Districts entered into an Interlocal Agreement that created the Inter-District Authority to operate and maintain Town Hall.  In 2006, the Districts agreed to grant the IDA additional powers to provide administrative, financial, and operations and maintenance services to the Districts and the Homeowners' Associations.  The IDA was also appointed to act as the District Manager for each of the Districts and was granted authority to hire personnel to manage all of these activities.  The current Interlocal Agreement sets forth the duties and responsibilities of the IDA as well as the allocation of expenses to member Districts. The IDA is comprised of one Supervisor from each of the five Districts (CDD1, CDD2, CDD4, CDD5, CDD6).