LWR Contacts

Town Hall Contact Information

8175 Lakewood Ranch Boulevard
Lakewood Ranch, Florida 34202
Phone: (941) 907-0202
Fax: (941) 907-0211

Name Title Extension Email Address
Anne Ross Executive Director Ext. 225 anne.ross@lwrtownhall.com
Steve Zielinski Chief Financial Officer Ext. 229 steve.zielinski@lwrtownhall.com
Gary Glass Director of Community Association Services Ext. 231 gary.glass@lwrtownhall.com
Paul Chetlain Director of Operations 727-0899 paul.chetlain@lwrtownhall.com
Ana Owen Purchasing Manager Ext. 253 ana.owen@lwrtownhall.com
Brittany Burrows Accountant II (Accounts Payable) Ext. 233 brittany.burrows@lwrtownhall.com
Chris Stambaugh Assistant Finance Director Ext. 237 chris.stambaugh@lwrtownhall.com
Cristi Valentine Property Management Coordinator II (CEVA) Ext. 235 cristi.valentine@lwrtownhall.com
Debbie Goss Field Office Manager 727-0899 debbie.goss@lwrtownhall.com
Debbie Ilstrup Administrative Assistant I (Front Desk) Ext. 221 debbie.ilstrup@lwrtownhall.com
Eileen da Costa Accountant II (Accounts Receivable) Ext. 244 eileen.dacosta@lwrtownhall.com
John Stewart Utilities Supervisor 727-0899 john.stewart@lwrtownhall.com
Kathleen Mulqueen Property Mgt Coordinator I (GBVA) Ext. 232 kathleen.mulqueen@lwrtownhall.com
Kay DePaolo Executive Assistant Ext. 228 kay.depaolo@lwrtownhall.com
Kyle James Administrative Assistant I (PT/Front Desk) Ext. 221 kyle.james@lwrtownhall.com
Lisa Boutote Admin. Asst. I Maintenance Facility 727-0899 lisa.boutote@lwrtownhall.com
Lynn Kuiken Administrative Assistant I (Front Desk) Ext. 240 lynn.kuiken@lwrtownhall.com
Marie Thompson Clerk to the Boards Ext 247 marie.thompson@lwrtownhall.com
MaryAnn Schroeder Administrative Assistant I (PT/Front Desk) Ext. 221 maryann.schroeder@lwrtownhall.com
Mike Knauer IT Specialist Ext. 255 mike.knauer@lwrtownhall.com
Robin Azar Accountant II (Accts Receivable/Payroll) Ext. 226 robin.azar@lwrtownhall.com
Sehui Kim Senior Accountant Ext. 230 sehui.kim@lwrtownhall.com
Steve Lakey Landscape Manager 727-0899 steve.lakey@lwrtownhall.com
Open Property Mgt Coordinator I (SRVA) Ext. 246  
Tom Merrell Assistant Director of Operations 727-0899 tom.merrell@lwrtownhall.com

Frequently Dialed Extensions

Access/Gate Control – Ext. 221
After Hours Emergency – (941) 907-0202, Option #3
Association Accounting – Ext. 226
Deed Restriction Enforcement, Property Rentals & Modifications:
     Country Club/Edgewater (CEVA) – Ext. 235
     Greenbrook (GBVA) – Ext. 232
     Summerfield/Riverwalk (SRVA) – Ext. 246
District 1, 2, 4, 5 & 6 Fees – Ext. 237
Parks & Pavilions – Ext. 240
Common Area Maintenance – (941) 727-0899