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The Header - at the top of all calendar pages

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The calendar has 3 ways to view events: by day, by week, by month.
When you first connect to the calendar, you see the Month view. You can
   click on a day in the main calendar to switch to the Day view,
   click on one of the small green arrowheads in the mini-calendars at the top to switch to the Week view,
   or click on a month name above the mini-calendars at the top to switch to the Month view.
Clicking on a day number in the mini-calendars takes you to that day, but keeps the same view.
For example, if you're in month view and you click a date in a different month, you'll see the month view for that date.

There are also "<< Go To ___ Before" and "Go To ___ After >>" links before and after the main calendar.

At the bottom of the screen you can also use the View Day/View Week/View Month links to move around.

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For More Information About an Event

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Categories and Colors

Below the calendar you will see the 5 category of events. These are color coded, but nothing relies on the colors.
If you're color blind you should still be able to use the calendar freely.

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The Month View

At the top of the Month view, there's a selection box that lets you select just one category of events to show.

This view has a full month calendar with all events for the month.

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The Week View

At the top of the Week view, there's a selection box that lets you select just one category of events to show.

This view has a one-week calendar with days across the top and time slots at the left.

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The Day View

This view shows the most detail, but is divided into two parts: Town Hall and Parks.
At the top of the Day view, you can select which area you wish to see.
There's also the selection box if you want to see just one category of events.

If an event is scheduled for multiple rooms. such as Salon B and C, the event is shown in both columns.

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Technical Details

The Lakewood Ranch Reservation system is based on the Meeting Room Booking System, open source software that is distributed under the Gnu Public License(GPL).
This means that software is free to use, distribute, and modify.

The system is written mostly in PHP, which is an open source programming language that can be embedded in web pages.

The database used for the system is MySQL MySQL is a very fast, multi-threaded, multi-user and robust SQL (Structured Query Language) database server that is also GPL.

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